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SSEN Distribution Data Roadmap

The SSEN Data Roadmap serves as the strategic plan outlining the key milestones related to data provision and management. It provides a structured path for implementing data sets and achieving data strategy goals. The Data Roadmap promotes open collaboration and transparent data sharing with stakeholders. By outlining clear milestones and objectives, it creates a shared vision with stakeholders which encourages active involvement and feedback, where insights and requirements can be openly addressed. This ensures stakeholders are well informed about the data journey, promoting trust and cooperation in achieving common data-related goals.

5 months ago

SSEN Secondary Transformer - Asset Capacity and Low Carbon Technology Growth

The load model is a machine learning product which estimates a half-hourly annual demand profile for each household based on a series of demographic, geographic and heating type factors. To enable us to estimate capacity on the electricity network while protecting individual customers data privacy by using modelled data. These views are then aggregated up the networks hierarchy based on the combinations of customers associated with each asset. This view is supplemented with the forward Distribution Future Energy Scenarios (DFES) which highlight the expected impact of low carbon technology on the network (LCT) such as heat-pumps or electricity vehicles. The view demonstrated here represents a sample iteration of our evolving network capacity & load model - highlighting estimated peak usage against asset rating.

8 months ago