About this project

What are we doing?

Our Data Portal is a single point of access to all the data Scottish and Southern Electricity Networks publishes. This catalogue of data will bring visibility to our network assets, their location, their usage, and their performance.

We are aiming to engage with all our data consumers from local authorities, our supply chain, flexibility providers, energy suppliers and anyone with an interest in achieving net zero.

Our data spans both of our licence areas across the North of Scotland and South of England.

Our electricity distribution network delivers power to over 3.8 million homes and businesses across the diverse and unique geographies of the north of Scotland and central southern England.

Network Statistics

Our SHEPD License Area

SEPD Licence Area

We have built our data portal on CKAN allowing us to display our data in a user-friendly environment and allow our data consumers to use data in a meaningful way. CKAN has been used extensively by our Open Data Peers and Partners and allows us to tailor our portal, to serve you.

What’s next?

We are currently working on migrating existing data flows and resources from current publication location on our website to be published directly to our Data Portal. We are looking to supplement many of our data assets with additional resources, machine-readable format, and the ability to consume data assets via API. We will use our digital strategy and action plan stakeholder events to gather feedback and engage with you, our data consumers. This feedback and engagement will drive our priorities to develop additional capability and features to our data portal.

How can you get involved?

We want to engage with you to understand your needs and data dependencies. To get more information, provide feedback, or communicate your ideas, please contact us at or submit a response on our data request and feedback form.

To find out more about Scottish and Southern Electricity Networks please visit our home page at https://www.ssen.co.uk.