Terms and conditions

You can use data from the SSEN Distribution Data Portal if you commit to the terms of the individual dataset licence. The licence should be clearly identified on the individual data asset’s metadata page.

SSEN Distribution uses the Creative Common’s Attribution 4.0 International Licence for the publishing of it’s open data.

When using SSEN Distribution’s Open Data published under the above licence; it’s use is subject to the user clarifying: who authored the dataset; the dataset itself; the source; and the data of the last update. More information can be found on the creative common’s attribution 4.0 international licence link above.

Attribution when using SSEN Distribution’s Data, should be visible as below;

Utilising Dublin Core Metadata Standard:

Publisher; Data Asset Title; Data Asset Identifier; Date

Real World Example:

SSEN Distribution, SHEPD Long Term Development Statement; 20 Sept 2023.

Data Consumer’s should be aware that the data triage process adopted by SSEN Distribution allows SSEN Distribution to classify their data in alignment with our risk strategy. This triage process was originally developed by the Energy Networks Association and adapted further by Energy Network Partners within the Energy Networks Association. Our baseline data triage output is based on the UK Power Networks, Data Triage Assessment Form, https://ukpowernetworks.opendatasoft.com/explore/dataset/external-facing-tracker/information/, 16 February 2024.

SSEN Distribution has taken actions to ensure the content of data contained within the data portal is accurate, regularly updated and obtained from trusted sources, but there may be delays, omissions or inaccuracies in the data contained within the data portal. All information and data on the data portal is provided “as is”. We do not accept responsibility for any errors or omissions in the information and data or for any results obtained, decisions made or actions taken following review and use of this information and data. However, you should make your own checks and considerations before relying on the use of this information and data.

The use of the SSEN Distribution logo is strictly prohibited.